We are Black

We are here to embrace and elevate not only ourselves as Black journalists, but those who also aspire to work in the industry of journalism and media.

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The We Are Black Journos podcast is full of conversations, experiences and tips shared by Black journalists who you’d definitely want to know about.

Who We Are

We Are Black Journos, founded by Hannah Ajala in 2018, brings community to the forefront, providing a space where established and aspiring Black journalists can have healthy discussion, share insights and find belonging.

Diversity and Inclusion are something industries should always strive for. Every industry. Society should be reflective in several workplaces, but isn’t. Without this feature in all workplaces, there lies no room for us to belong to a community and the media is no stranger to this problem.

Our Events

Our events reflect the reality that staying connected to those in the industry makes for more enriched journalism and even happier journalists. Seeing change remains at the heart of what we do and we believe that this can only be achieved through the celebration and unification that we commit ourselves to each and every day


We Are Black Journos are proud to have worked, host events and collaborate with organisations such as The Bureau of Investigative Journalists, Bloomberg, ITV, and the BBC. We run a mentoring scheme where we pair Black journalists with executives from renown organisations. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in having a WABJ mentor.


We have a network of 300 Black journalists and growing. Our social media accounts, physical events, and virtual events include many of the Black journalists within our network. Our events are welcome to all backgrounds and ethnicities. We just don’t shy away from who we pride ourselves on supporting – Black journalists.


Our Reviews

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